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Roger Eno is a composer and musician who’s recording career began with David Lynch’s Dune soundtrack working alongside his brother Brian. He decided very early on in his career to concentrate on music that creates atmosphere rather than dominates and his compositions therefore have lent themselves well to film and theatre, contributing music to films such as Trainspotting, 9 ½ Weeks, The Jacket and also composing the original score to Trevor Nunn’s highly acclaimed production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal at London's National Theatre.
In live performance, Eno accompanies his trademark hauntingly sparse piano pieces with his own visual installations and uses a simple aleotoric compositional technique to create an atmosphere enveloping the audience. His work has been exhibited at the Tate Britain, Aldeburgh Fringe Festival, the Nocturnal Museum in East Anglia, Medieval churches and elsewhere in Europe.
In his capacity as band member he has shared the stage with luminaries such as Lou Reed, Jarvis Cocker, Marianne Faithfull and Beck and recorded with David Gilmour, Peter Hammill and Tim Robbins, also acting as his musical director on tour. 

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