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Squarepusher has a legacy that is unassailable. From his early releases on Rephlex and his residency at the Blue Note, through to his aggressive interpretations of ensemble jazz, his wildly popular back catalogue which includes Feed Me Weird Things, the Big Loada EP, Go Plastic!, Ultravisitor, the peerless Music Is Rotted One Note, Ufabulam and more through to his musique concrète experiments and the boundary-warping drum ‘n’ bass with which he is synonymous, Squarepusher has always  tilted forwards. Renowned for his musicianship on the electric bass, including releasing a solo bass record, Flea of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers described him as "the best electric bass player on Earth."

More recently in 2014, Music For Robots saw Squarepusher composing for a trio of robots – a 22-armed drummer, a 78-fingered guitarist, and a keyboardist who plays his instrument with a laser. The year before he directed a run of shows in which Ufabulum was reimagined for an orchestra led by Charles Hazelwood; few artists can attest to turning as deft a hand to musical disciplines of such opposing nature.
Since 2015’s Damogen Furies that fused electric jazz and the frenetic drill’n’bass he is known for, Squarepusher has taken a hiatus whilst exploring other musical projects. However he’s now back in the studio so you can expect new recorded material in 2019.

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